What is Apitherapy

Apitherapy is the Art and Science of treatment and holistic healing through the honeybee and her products for the benefit of mankind and all the animal kingdom.”

Apitherapy Approach

Apitherapy healing with bee products

To recover; bring back to a normal health state the body, mind and spirit.

To prevent; destroy the potential “enemies” before they enter our body.

To heal; to eliminate completely the disease including signs and symptoms.

Apitherapy is not just a simple, therapeutically method; it is already a different type of medicine. We can even call it “APIMEDICINE“. Because:

  • Apitherapy is already a SCIENCE; it has a strong scientific base, even if there are still a lot of “mysteries” out there…
  • it is a Science also because you need to know exactly what you are doing when you treat a patient; you need a perfect “diagnostic”, you need to know exactly what are the best methods to administer the “drugs”, and you need also to know very well the DOSAGE.
  • It is a science because Apitherapy offers in extremely numerous cases, REPRODUCIBLE results; in other words, for example, propolis will always destroy Helicobacter pylori if given in the right amount, and bee venom will increase the cortisol secretion after a bee sting.
  • Apitherapy is an ART, because it has to do with everything our Mother Nature’s Spirit gave us: love, friendship, hope, understanding, but also despair, hate, vanity and so on…
  • it is an ART, because in order to apply it properly, you need to be a real “artist”; you need to have always in your soul the Nature’s beauties and to share with your “brothers and sisters” this real treasure
  • it is also an ART because healing somebody is the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing which can happen in someone’s life…

Apitherapy is also a holistic medicine. “Holistic” means to use the “whole” or to treat the “whole”.

Apitherapy is holistic because:

  • it is strongly related, in a harmonious way, with so many natural processes
  • it uses knowledge from other holistic natural therapies like Phytotherapy (use of herbs), aromatherapy (use of essential oils), diet therapy (use of nutrients), acupuncture, acupressure, Ayurveda
  • it affects deeply the human’s and animals nervous system and blood flow, so, only through these two systems, it affects the WHOLE body
  • it affects our emotional life
  • it affects our spiritual life; to heal somebody, not only with a jar of honey, but also through real love, friendship and understanding is already a “spiritual” thing…