Royal Jelly

          Royal jelly is one of the most important bee products. Researchers from all over the world are still studying many from its mysterious properties, including the one which allows consumers to live healthier and longer…

The Hive and the Honey Bee, 1992:

          “Royal jelly is the hypo-pharyngeal glandular secretion of young workers that is placed in queen cells as food for larval queens. It is called royal jelly because it is the sole food of queen larvae, in contrast to the food of workers and drones which consist of larval jelly, or brood food. Brood food is initially similar to royal jelly but is modified by day 4 [of larvae’s life] through the addition of pollen and honey.” Royal Jelly

 In simple words we can say that royal jelly is the bee’s milk.

 “Milk for the Queen” or better translated “queen’s milk“.

It is interesting to note that this “milk” is produced ONLY by young workers (between 4 to 12 days of age). This may be also a cause of the long lasting “youthfulness” of those which consumes regularly this product. The young workers have, of course, more energy and their cells have a better, almost perfect, multiplication without the specific chromosomal errors which appear with the age. This may be also the general cause of the extraordinarily high longevity of the Queen: 70-80 times longer life than that of the “summer workers”.

          The young worker bees (nurse bees) in order to produce this valuable “milk” eat a lot of fresh honey and mainly pollen (bee bread); thus  they produce in their own body, starting from amino acids, carbo-hydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals etc., this marvellous and still mysterious product.

keep in mind that:

  • Royal jelly is a bee-made product, a glandular secretion
  • It has mainly a nutritious value
  • It contains many female-like hormones
  • It can prolong a person’s life, health and beauty…