Health & Wellness

 All of my products are medicinal. My hives are never treated with chemicals. All my hive products are hand collected and never heated. All my products are hand made.

Medicinal Honey   

Royal Honey (Naturally Amalgamated)   

Bee Bread infused with Medicinal Honey

Propolis Tincture   

Hand Collected Pollen   

Cough Suppressant  (all natural kid approved)  

Breath Easy Relief Balm  (all natural baby approved)

Eczema/Psoriasis Salve   

Eczema/Psoriasis Salve with bee venom

Cold Sore Balm (Eradicate Heroes Simplex 1)

Wart/Skin Tags Remover

Bee Gum (infused with all bee product from the comb)   

Stomach Wellness Kit (1 month treatment)   
Kit includes: (2) 4oz of Royal Honey, (1) 4oz Medicinal Honey, 4oz Bee Bread infused with medicinal honey, (2) packets of hand harvested pollen, Propolis Tincture, & Propolis Chew.(purchase individually … buy kit save