“Apilarnil” is another very important natural product obtained from the bee colony.

          The discoverer was a very famous Romanian beekeeper, Mr. Nicolae Iliesiu.

          The word “Apilarnil” comes from:

  • API = the bee’s Latin name
  • LAR = larvae
  • N = the first letter from the inventor’s first name (Nicolae)
  • IL = the first two letters from the inventor’s family (last) name (ILIESIU).

This product is an extract of the whole content of 7 day old drone larvae comb cells.

 These comb cells contains:Apilarnil seven day old bee larvae

  • Drone larvae (6-7 days old);
  • Specific nutrients for these larvae (larval food, honey, bee bread);
  • Traces of propolis etc.

From this “composition” we can conclude that apilarnil can be referred to as the “male” side of royal jelly.

It is important to keep in mind that Apilarnil is:

  • a complex extract having drone larvae as its main constituent
  • an excellent food for all living beings, including humans
  • very rich in male-like hormones